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So many of our problems stem from how everyday people- hard working families of all backgrounds- don’t have power in our society.

Power is the ability to act, and individually we’re powerless to enact the policies and practices that could protect us against poverty, abusive bosses, landlords, or police, and so much more. That’s because power comes from people pooling together their time, energy, and resources toward our shared struggles and vision for change

But the political and economic establishment has effectively split apart our communities and organized our time, energy, and money away from us through institutions, policies, and cultural norms that keep us endlessly working, struggling to pay bills, and managing crisis after crisis as they profit. Meanwhile, we’re left blaming poor and working people of other backgrounds with the belief that they’re taking advantage of our society’s limited resources. But the truth is we live in abundance- and if we didn’t have 1% of our country hoarding 99% of our wealth, we’d have more than enough to make sure everyone can see a doctor, live in a safe and warm home, get a good education, and always have food on the table.

If we’re going to change the balance of power in our society, we need as many people as possible willing to take the risk of breaking through our isolation to knock on doors, attend and participate in events, and telling their stories to build relationships with our neighbors. This is our path toward building a mass movement capable of holding decisionmakers accountable and putting community members who share our values in position to hold decisionmaking power themselves and transform our communities.