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Campaign to End Cash Bail

We’re calling on District Attorney Deb Ryan and other County Officials to end Cash Bail in Chester County. We’ve held canvasses, a Town Hall, and are creating a Story Telling project to raise our voices and connect our experiences with the community and the elected officials who have the authority to heal the harms wrought by this practice. If you’d like to get involved,volunteerorbecome a member today.

Cash Bail is a practice that is supposedly meant to keep us safe, but actively harms our communities by imprisoning people before trial if they can’t afford bail, effectively making poor people “guilty until proven innocent”. It splits families apart, unfairly impacts people of color, and makes neighborhoods more dangerous as it deepens the cycle of debt, poverty, and incarceration. Eliminating Cash Bail would ensure that pre-trial detention is based on someone’s likelihood to harm others, not because they’re rich or poor.

We want to ensure safe and thriving communities for all, where children and families can live full lives free of poverty and racial division-- that’s why we’re building a united front of poor and working people of all backgrounds to call on decision makers to take a stand and heal our communities by abolishing Cash Bail in Chester County by 2021.

Do you have a story about your experience with Cash Bail? You’re not alone. Learn more about ourStorytelling Projectand use your voice to make change.

Cash Bail fails to make our communities safer and fuels mass incarceration

Cash Bail splits families apart and endangers our communities

Cash Bail disproportionately impacts people of color, especially black people

Cash Bail serves to create profit for large corporations

Abolishing Cash Bail will make our communities safer