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Town Hall To End Cash Bail

On Saturday February 1st community members from across Chester County came together to share our stories about cash bail, learn the research and data behind this practice, and spoke with lawmakers to ask them to stand with our movement.

We’re excited and thankful that State Senator Katie Muth was in attendance and State Rep. Dan Williams sent his Chief of Staff. The County Commissioners sent a statement and local judges were unable to attend. But we were disappointed that District Attorney Deb Ryan and Sheriff Fredda Maddox didn’t respond to our invitations.

End Cash Bail Town Hall

We had their empty chairs standing at the front of the room not to shame them, but to symbolize the table we have set to welcome them into our communities and movement. We’re not here to point fingers but to open our arms for a welcoming embrace- we need these decisionmakers to join us and represent our needs in the face of this crisis community members have faced for far too long.

We need to build a movement powerful enough to let them know we’re here- that they must hear the voices of our community. Become a member and Volunteerto make sure we’re represented.