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Candidate Questionnaires

We believe that the only way we can end poverty, racism, and gender discrimination is if We- the everyday working families of all backgrounds whose labor creates the wealth of this country- have decision making power over the policies that shape our lives.

We're choosing to endorse candidates because right now our political system is run by ultra-wealthy political elites that don’t represent the diverse identities and experiences of our communities. We're fighting for a government that’s truly for the people and by the people.

This is a key step on our path toward building governing power for and by working families across Chester County- not just through voting, but by knocking doors and making phone calls to make sure our endorsed candidates win and are accountable to us and our neighbors once they take office.

But we can’t do this work alone- if you want a say in our endorsement process, pledge to become a member today.

Members are also encouraged to join our first ever Membership Meeting Saturday February 29th 2-5pm where we'll not only weigh in on candidates and discuss our endorsement process, but we’ll also get to know each other, talk about how to make our leadership structure more democratic and transparent, and vote on representatives to send to our statewide delegates' assembly at our upcoming PA Progressive Summit.

RSVP for the Membership Meeting today!

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren

Note: In this crowded Presidential race, it’s clear to our Leadership Team that the other candidates simply do not act in our values when it comes to pushing the ambitious and transformative policies necessary to inequality.

We're more than open to make other candidates eligible for endorsement- If you are a member who has strong feelings about another candidate, please attend our Member Meeting to share why you support them and want them to be considered for endorsement.

Our partners at Reclaim Philadelphia engaged in an exhaustive candidate research process for these this race- See where they stand on the issues.

Coatesville City Council At-Large

Nydea Graves


Marie Lawson

Awaiting Response to Questionnaire

State House District 74

Dan Williams


State House District 155

Rose Danese

Did not respond to questionnaire

Danielle Friel Otten


State House District 167

Ginny Kerslake


Kristine Howard


State Senate District 19

Kyle Boyer


Carolyn Committa


Don Vymazal